with you, i am free. promise you'll always stay here with me

can't you see her smile, at least she's trying
hiding all her pain, but inside she's dying
longing for the feeling that what she is doing is quite enough
the war she's fighting have never been so tough
wishing for a better life, want's to be free
so badly she want's to be weak and flee
still she's struggeling for what seems impossible to find
time after time she's falling behind
so scared of what the future will bring
she can't see happiness, in here life there is no such thing
scared to lose the ones she love
wishing for a end to her nightmares and get a life above
in heaven, nobody can die from her, nobody can leave her behind
cause in this life, there seems to be no happiness for her to find

jag skrev den för ungefär jättelänge sen och läste upp den på ungdomsgruppen.

Postat av: linnea

Den är jättefin <3

2011-03-27 @ 17:54:03
URL: http://neadelander.blogg.se/

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